Principal Engineer (Animal Nutrition & Health)

Key Responsibilities: Responsible for the Manufex Improve Cycle Work processes in the ANH NA Region: Improve Plant, Small Projects, and Large Capital projects. This includes the optimization and interfaces with the other work processes.  Small Projects: Effective and efficient engineering management of capex projects approved in the NA ANH Region. Improve Plant: gatekeeping, resource allocation and overall management of all improvement initiatives in the NA ANH Region. Maintaining compliance with 'best in class' level for these work processes within the DSM Manufex program. Ensuring application of Large Capital Work process requirements and support from the ANH Global Operation's Team and the Americas LCP group as necessary to manage LCP's.   Responsible for the Manufex Improve Equipment Reliability Work processes in the ANH NA Region. Initialize and manage improvements to products and processes at the ANH NA blend plants to reduce costs, improve asset utilization and develop site in accordance with business requirements  Future vision: Performance Diagnosis and measure-sheet developments as part of DICI Program.  Ensuring site compliance with engineering codes & practices, safe operating windows, and corporate requirements (SHE, Manufacturing,  Finance) and cGMP standards. Responsible for the ANH NA Capital Projects Budget in terms of control spent and allocating to the most value adding improvements. Ensures as part of this that engineering hours are properly accounted to capital projects.   SHE Duties & Responsibilities:  Display and promote positive safety behaviors at all times; use proper personal protective equipment, appropriate safety tools, equipment and procedures to ensure that self and others go home safe each day; that area and equipment operate safely; that all people in the area comply with the safety requirements and keep the area neat and clean. Acts in such a way that safety awareness & accident prevention are considered in performing all tasks. In particular, a Principal Engineer takes personal responsibility to ensure all his/her capital projects are lead in a safety compliant manner leading to completion with zero SHE incidents. Shows leadership and leads by example, by working to SHE standards and encouraging employees to work to the same standards.  A Principal Engineer will always stop to correct any unsafe situations observed and to bring about necessary change to remove further risks. Ensures that all personnel under his/her supervision are aware of, and follow, all DSM Life Saving Rules.   Knowledge and Educational Level: MS Degree or >7 years on the job experience with BS degree in an engineering. SHE: In depth knowledge and hands on experience on relevant DSM SHE requirements, knowledge of applicable site specific safety aspects (e.g. dust explosions, PSM area) and knowledge of federal and state regulations. Quality: Knowledge of ISO Systems and cGMPs. Technical Expertise: Knowledge and experience with dry Vitamin Forms and six sigma methodologies. Manufex: In depth knowledge & experience with IP, SP and IER, knowledge of OEE, OPN and maintenance. Understanding of the Technical Transfer Process. Project Management:  Knowledge of project management incl. Large Capital project.   Required Level of Experience: 7 yrs. of Manufacturing experience in Plant, IP or other Engineering Environment. (Engineering) Project management. 27370
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

Don't Be Fooled

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